I am a soul pathway healer, which means that I work with your angels and my master guides to see all of the things in your life. I do listen to whom you are on a soul level seeing beyond any past issues or internal thought patterns. The information that comes in through the sessions is divinely channeled. This way I can see and help you empower yourself towards your goals. I leave my mind open when I go into a session as far as what might come in for each person. I hold the highest positive intent toward your best interests. In readings, I go into the blue prints or soul design using light codes, vibration energy and channeled guidance to create shifts. This part is all energy non-verbal communication between your soul and the universe. I see with great depth and clarity past, present and future.

You are already unintentionally learning in your life by moving people into your life based on a soul lesson sometimes those can take years to walk through.  These are guided by both people to learn something and grow deeper connected to your soul. What if you could do that intentionally in a safe guided way? This is why I put together soul pathway healing intensive. The soul group get put together aligned with the lessons each person needs from each other as well as the universe.  I am guided on which souls are put together based on what lessons so it’s a safe controlled by the universe to move through stuff that has already come up in your life. These soul groups are a beautiful way to heal leading you through a clear transformation. What I am doing is condensing that time in a huge way. This is revolutionary work in a safe container of protection and guidance. I invite you into your life in a new way!

Our work begins when the appointment is set. So all things conspire in this world and dreams align to so you begin to have sight while I am guiding you prior to our conversation. Information in sessions is revealed overtime after our appointment and conversation.

So the session is about you taking ownership of who you want to become. It is a 6 hour intensive plan for you to become aligned with your life in a powerful way. It is my greatest joy and honor to watch you transform your life.

I have been working with people in this way for 21 years across the globe in all walks of life. This is not just for those of you who are confused and feel drained by the same lessons showing up. I also serve the healers and coaches to launch into complete whole vision for your life.

The healing work I do works very deep into your body, emotions and mind. You can feel those healing energies ripple through your body like waves. It is expected that you show up for yourself and invest in doing your work.

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