I leave my mind open when I go into a reading as far as what might come in for each person. I hold the highest positive intent toward your best interests. In readings, I go into the blue prints or soul design using light codes, vibration energy and channeled guidance to create shifts. This part is all energy non-verbal communication between your soul and the universe. I see with great depth and clarity past, present and future.

Depiction of Janelle’s soul by Rosie Lazzeri.

I am a soul pathway healer, which means that I work with your angels and my master guides to see all of the things in your life. I do listen to whom you are on a soul level seeing beyond any past issues or internal thought patterns. The information that comes in through the readings is divinely channeled by the Illuminated Beings of Truth. This way I can see and help you empower yourself towards your goals.

I am a Soul Cartographer, which means plotting points along your design to help you shift into conscious awareness. I am an oracle, which means I communicate directly with all Angels and light beings to help and serve as a guide in your life.

Who are the Emissaries from the twelfth ray (Illuminated Light beings of Truth)? What I know right now is that they anchor Christ Consciousness on this plane. That they come in what is called a Holy Trinity or Golden flame. I had the pleasure of working with them directly as a channel for them starting this year and it has taken awhile for me to be able to bring in these new frequencies physically. They are here to help us stand in Truth of Authentic self they work in the Twelfth Solar Chakra. As I learn more from them I will share what I know. They have asked me to be the messenger for awareness and to teach what they share with me.

As with any reading or information, it is used to guide you in your life. The Angels and guides are wiling to deliver messages that help us grow but it is up to us. They will not validate information for you that you already know is truth in your life. This can often lead to frustration for you and me. As in any session with anyone, it is not how many hits the person has but the quality of information. Sometimes messages can be hard for us to hear but those are often the most rewarding. The information that comes through in the session is yours. It is important to understand this is intense soul work and you may not like to hear everything that is conveyed to you. It also it is your decision how you use the information in your life as your life is your design and creation. You must take full responsibility for your choices and consequences fully embrace your process here. I am a guide and I choose to assist together we can see how to make the most empowering choices for you.


Come with an open mind. This is amazing work. It is an honor to share in your journey here.