Life Mastery Like A Badass

A VIP 12 week revolution that rewires your mind, body, and soul into a super-charged badass attractor, aligned communicator. Become an expert at getting your needs met in all areas of your life.

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It's Time To Break Through

How great would it feel to let go of all the stuff that weighs you down? I'm talking about:

  • Toxic family issues
  • Overanalyzing your own choices and decisions - “What if I had done this or that?”
  • Overdoing it and overextending yourself to prove your worth or value
  • Fear of acknowledging what's really important to you.
  • Running into setback after setback whenever you try to set intentions and goals.

Life Mastery Like a Badass is a hands on session where you’ll be guided through the steps to break free of your negative beliefs. Only when you become aware of your thoughts around money, relationships, health and goals can you channel your energies and move forward.

So if you want MOI to truly pull out your best gifts, hand them to you, and say “Go be freaking epic”. I’d love to serve you in this way. It brings me the greatest love to see you be powerfully yourself and understand how magical life can be.

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Right now, awesome soul, you've spent years in pain and you are over it! It's time to heal and ascend as you create your badass life!

What You'll Discover

This personalized program that will help you discover the person you were meant to be. It's a journey to finding your own soul and how to properly manifest it in the world. This means getting rid of roadblocks and limitations that have been holding your true self back. Throughout this journey you will learn:

  • How to let go of self sabotage and recognize it at the beginning.
  • What abundance means to you.
  • The fears that you have been receiving and allowing to control your life.
  • How to heal generational family drama and cycles in your life.
  • How to manifest the things your really want in life - your way.

You will receive personalized training on how to communicate what you need and what others are needing. You'll also come to know the tools that you were built with after which you will be able to guide your life to represent you.

Janelle Pointing Close

I highly recommend Janelle to anyone who is interested in clearing and opening pathways to healing and living a happier life. Never before have I ever worked with someone who was so spot on when sharing information with me. Janelle knew everything about what has been happening in my life, from the issues with my husband and step-daughter to my innermost financial fears. Without any prior knowledge about me and my work she was able to give me precise information as to what has been happening and how to improve the situation. She knew every concern I had held deep within, without my ever voicing a single one. I am a person who isn’t impressed by much, so when I say I am blown away, you can be guaranteed I am shouting in praise for Janelle’s abilities, she’s the REAL DEAL!”

Andrea Mincsak Bordelon, M.B.A.
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Ahhh Deeliicious Janelle Hoyland…I call Janelle ANGEL LIGHT.. for when she speaks to you, the angels ring through her heart to yours. You feel their presence surrounding you. The gentleness of her BE-ing, the power of her Spirit, the song that comes through her words have filled me with peace and infinite harmony for the time that we have re-membered each other here on earth. She is truly a joyous celebration of God’s Divine Truth, Divine Light, and Divine Love. She is a clear channel of the miraculous essence of our soul and the One-ness of all that is. If you have been guided to have a session with Janelle, you will re-connect your golden cord straight into the Heart of God. My dear ones, you will never be the same again for you will be aligned with the God within you. So be it. Infinite …

Jacqui Johnson

This is a shout out to Janelle Hoyland and her amazing magical blowing my mind Soul Pathway Intense Group. I have grown so much and the ground I stand on literally feels different. Supportive, loving, fun, exciting! I am now my best friend as opposed to my hardest critic (phewandfinally!). I feel the love and support in the struggle and see how it is here for me. Really for the love of me, I feel this change of how I see, feel, experience life. How in love I am with the present. Something I have never allowed before.

The best part is too that it’s so simple in a way. This intensive is just about letting me be the best me now. And it’s not because I have to force or it’s grueling. It’s letting go and letting live.

Also bonus, I get to do it with a group of incredibly incredible women who …


One of my clients with whom I worked about releasing her fears around money just received unexpected checks for $12,000. YES, I wrote $12,000!! Abundance universe.


Recently, I felt overwhelmed, discouraged, and almost desperate to get past what felt like impossible challenges that were consuming my life. I was at the point where I felt like if anything got worse or another burden was put on my shoulders - I couldn’t take it. I felt like I tried SO hard, for so long… without much improvement - I almost felt hopeless.

Since I began working with Janelle, my heart feels lighter, my needs are being met, and I am excited for my future. She has helped me bring awareness to the limits that I managed to allow to control the outcomes in my life and given me tools and support to develop better ways of thinking and doing.

Things haven’t just “magically” got better - they have intentionally become amazing! If you need help making your life better - I …

Aime Cave

Start Manifesting Your Dreams Today

Ready to start the journey towards a better more fulfilling life? It’s time to heal and ascend as you create your badass life by applying for a session with Janelle.