Business Legacy Mastermind

Learn how to build your business vision and maximize it's potential.

Who this is for

Your goals are bigger you need a next level strategist to GET you there! I'll tell you what to do and how to get there. The rest is up to you. I am not for you if you want someone to fix it for you or do it for you. That is not an empowering you. I run fast and love to create powerful shifts to help you anchor your dream into this reality

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I know before we jump on the call exactly whether you are ready to seize your moment and run with it. To stand in your truth.

I hear it in my cells.

What you get

By joining this mastermind program you gain a year to explore and create with a divine partner in Business. You'll get:

  • 12 private 60 min customized soul embodiment session with Janelle 
  • 12 60-90 min laser focus on your goal and monetizing your goal.
  • Monday through Friday text private messaging Laser focused Healing around issues that come up 10 to 15 mins 9-5pm
  • VIP luxury spa weekend Jam session
  • My expertise in attracting what you desire.

Consulting includes creation of a strategic plan and guidance on how to apply this strategy for your company and sales team. We'll have a system of meetings that will encourage sales growing the business. I'll also help you develop policies implemented by YOU, the Company owner, which will be reviewed by HR to the business to help aide in core foundation of stability, as well as encouraging company moral overall. 

  • Get help formulating the big picture, from awards to books, movies, etc…
  • Get help with contract negotiations
  • Get help building internal business programs and how to lay them out perfectly
  • Get help learning how to hire the perfect people to help you create your dream project.

I am a consultant who utilize the most relevant consulting to help you expand your business, your life, and increase your potential; and You engage me in order to grow and develop your business or to the next place and in her personal life.

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