About Janelle

Janelle, fondly referred to as the shatterer of Limiting Beliefs

Janelle's ability to see and perceive the truth, and share it in a way that will make you laugh and crack your heart open, so that you can experience permanent and lasting change… perhaps even the end the way you see life to birth a new reality overflowing with love and abundance. 

Spiritual Instigator and Expert Transformation Specialist. With a team of Irreverent Angels on her side, Janelle delivers profound spiritual insights with a splash of BadA@# and a much needed kick. I’m the one you call when you are so freaking over it and  you can’t stand another second of the crap.

Janelle is a renowned soul pathway healer, a life transformation specialist, a lover of life to its fullest, and a face your fears dead on person. She has done numerous radio shows and speaking engagements. At 21 she started her first company with a partner that was just the start that company is a million dollar company. Since then she has 3 thriving businesses. Since the age of 19 she has been seeing clients from all over the world. Her clients include celebrities and CEO’s. They like to say Janelle is like having inside information on anything going on in your life and exactly how to fix it quick. Janelle’s life has been filled with challenges and gifts just like anyone else. She was born aware of her connection to the universe knowing and hearing her own loving guidance never leaving her side. She has been taught by the universe to shift your awareness. Fear piercing truth, messages with a dose of sass. She has 3 wonderful kids in and lives in Texas.

Currently she has a been a regular guest on TMZ and Sirius XM radio shows.

My vision is for all to have a real shut the front door miracle after miracle laughing while creating your life that you shine so bright stars get lost.

Client Testimonies

I really feel like I was meant to have you in my life.


I feel like I had a baptism rebirth in my life. Years of fear and mental chaos gone.


Wow! I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to spend some time with you today!


Profound doesn’t even begin to describe what I experienced, nor the effect and impact you always have. You’re amazing! And I wanted to say thank you again for EVERY-THING!


One of my clients with whom I worked about releasing her fears around money just received unexpected checks for $12,000. YES, I wrote $12,000!! Abundance universe.


I just called to let you know that at age 44, this December, after years of trying, I have conceived and delivered a baby girl! Miracles do work! Design your life. It’s time.


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