It’s time to let the old fade away step into the new.
Choose love or fear

Authentic voice truthful spoken from deep down in your core.

Not speaking up when you feel you are dishonoring yourself.

Stuffing it down.

Sitting silent.

Walking in the shadows of fear, keeping your status up, and knowing your dying inside.

Buying things to fill the hole you feel.

Booking the next trip but you sit knowing that you are not even feeling present happy relaxed.

The relationship doesn’t seem to fill you up.

Friends can see what’s happening you hide it so well.

Laughing but missing passion.

Deeply divided into who you know you are not and who you long for.

Self love is love of you whole and completely.

Loving each part of your journey

Loving that you feel alone.

Loving that you walk in silence wanting to yell scream stomp your feet.

You need clear action steps to wake up to your soul and self love.

Steps daily.

Come woman take a leap of faith. Your life is waiting.

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