A silver plate with warm hot towels scented with lemon to wash my hands. Sweet powerful lomi lomi whisked me away to a land between worlds not here. A rainbow cascading over the water placed so perfectly for my last morning.

Deep breath….

To think I almost said no…I can’t each time. Why? Well honestly it was who I thought I was. I had always over served everyone. I ALWAYS SAID YES, I will help. Not to feel important or wanted. I just love to serve…famous last words. I was finding my definition in others.

You see I was limiting myself.

When I looked to see who was standing for me, just me…..empty space…crickets. No one was there. I had become a tool, a thing, a gift in a dark place. People forgot I was a person. Boundaries were crossed. I looked around – I was lost and I almost said no again to myself.

Then all the sudden I stopped.

Stopped putting me last. Owned my desires fully. I allowed my fullest talents to be seen. Really saw seen. Raw. Bold. I crave FREEdom. I desire powerful dreams that light me on fire with freakishly amazing passion. I love the edge where fear and possibilities dance like water and air. My dream was to earn what I deserved. To create big breakthroughs in peoples lives. I dared to envision working less and solving more powerfully. After all the whole point is to live life.

What was compromising giving me?

I used to wonder how spirituality, businesses, and money have to do with each other. I said everything. Mastermind begins tomorrow. Stop trying to force that powerful dream into a box. End saying I can handle that. Start receiving the opportunity you deserve. What do you want your business to be like? Rocky like your life?

Missed moments, no money. When you know you want profits easy and freedom to breathe. Reach out!

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