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thinpaperback_795x1003 What happens when a literal mind and a “free no rules” mind meet to create a radio show? BAM! You get Spiritual Happy Hour, radio show! Grab your favorite drink or snack and tune in on how Janelle and Jennifer tackle topics such as fear, intimacy, setting intentions and much more.

Get a front row seat into Spiritual partnership humorous and button-pushing effect through conversation, in the form of their radio show, Spiritual Happy Hour. As you read this, Janelle and Jennifer allow you to learn from their own personal experiences and lessons while helping you get in touch with your authentic self.

What if you could laugh and still get illuminated Spiritually? Don’t miss last call!

Advance Praise for “Spiritual Happy Hour”

This is a gorgeous read for anyone searching for meaning and freedom in their life. I loved it.

Sonia Choquette

New York Times bestselling author of The Answer is Simple

In Spiritual Happy Hour—A Double Shot of B.A.D., Janelle Hoyland and Jennifer Louziotis invite us into the Absolute Good interpenetra-ting the Universe that mothers us, that tenderly caresses and guides each and every one of us through our inherent intuitive capacity.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation


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